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8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


What makes The Children’s Guild DC Public Charter School different than others?

We provide a student-centered approach to learning, where every child is valued and respected. We accomplish this by focusing on personalized learning, whole brain teaching, project based learning, and arts integration in order to address the needs of the whole child. Our top priority is to understand what your child needs and the strategies to help them become a lifelong learner. We also offer free, district-wide transportation to and from school.

Can you meet my child’s individualized learning needs?

That’s what The Children’s Guild has been doing for more than 65 years, since we started the world’s first therapeutic preschool. We have extensive experience providing each child with a safe, personalized learning experience for all types of learners: accelerated learners, struggling learners, as well as children with special education needs.

Does the school have special education programs?

The Children’s Guild has a full special education program and has served children with special education needs since 1953. The Children’s Guild has the resources to ensure that children with special education needs achieve success. Our school employs social workers, teacher’s aides and assistants, psychologists, occupational and speech therapists, as well as special education teachers on-site to meet the needs of all our students’ IEP needs.

What are the hours for the school day?

Our school day is from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Children may not be dropped off before 8 am

What kind of transportation can my child use to get to and from school?

Three different types of transportation are provided: school bus transportation, special OSSE bus transportation for children with special needs, and bus cards for free Metro public transportation.

Do you provide breakfast and lunch? Is there a cost?

All students are provided free breakfast and lunch—no paperwork required.

Are uniforms required?

All students are required to wear a uniform. They are blue or white polo shirts with navy-blue pants for grades K-5, and yellow or black polo shirts with tan pants for grades 6-8. The uniforms do not have logos, and they are available at stores like Target, Old Navy, The Children’s Place, etc. Uniform assistance may be available for families who qualify for homeless benefits.

What recreation areas are available for students?

We have an approved, state-of-the-art play area and gym renovation planned and coming in the future.

How is technology used in the school?

Technology is embedded in everything we do throughout the school day and includes laptops, interactive content, and Smartboards in the classrooms.

What does all the artwork in the school mean?

The art in lobbies, hallways, and classrooms is designed to engage each child’s imagination and inspire creative thinking and expression.

What types of community relationships does the school have?

The school partners with multiple community organizations. The Howard University football team visits our students to read to them and to talk about their achievements and what is possible for our students. We also partner with the League of Dreams to provide baseball clinics for our students through the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.

Do you have a parents’ group?

Yes, we value family involvement and have an active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

How do I apply?

You may apply now by going to tcgdc.org or myschoolDC.org, connecting with the Student Recruitment Coordinator, or registering directly by calling 202.774.5442 or emailing info@tcgdc.org

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